Air Show FAQ 


Q- What are the show dates?

A-     Saturday, August 11th and Sunday, August 12th


Q- What does admission cost?

A-     Admission is FREE! We also sell VIP seating which includes multiple perks not included with free admission.


Q- Where can I purchase a VIP ticket?

A-     You can purchase VIP tickets here (Copy and Paste Link)


Q- Are VIP tickets good for both days?

A-VIP tickets are valid for ONE day only.


Q- What are the headliner acts?

A-     This year we are excited to welcome the F-22 Raptor Demonstration team as well as the F-35 Lightning II and P-51 Mustang heritage flight.


Q- Can I buy a weekend VIP ticket?

A-     We do not offer a weekend VIP ticket, you will need to purchase two tickets, one for Saturday, one for Sunday if you desire the VIP air show experience for the entire weekend.


Q- Will ATMs be available?

A-     Yes, we will have ATMs. However we do suggest you carry cash with you.


Q- Is there a shuttle from the parking lots?

A-     Yes, shuttles will take guests to and from designated parking areas on and off base


Q- Where do I park?

A-     Parking is available on and off base. Both on and off base public parking will have free shuttle buses to take people to/from the show and will run throughout the duration. Off base locations are South Roads Mall, Bellevue University, Bellevue East High School and Bellevue West High school


Q- Do you offer bleacher seating?

A-     No, but you may bring your own lawn chairs.


Q- Will there be food and gift vendors?

A-     Yes, there will be concession booths where food and gifts can be purchased. Many of the concessions will be staffed by local charities who greatly appreciate your support.


Q- Will there be shade at the Air Show?

A-     General Admission (FREE) guests will be under an open sky. There are several shade tents on the ramp as well as a water mister, but guests are encouraged to plan accordingly and bring plenty of sunscreen and stay hydrated. VIP ticket holders will have the option of sitting in a shaded area.


Q- Are pets allowed?

A-   Pets are NOT allowed on the Air Show grounds and cannot be left in vehicles in any of the Air Show parking lots. The heat generated from the cement tarmac is unsuitable for pets. Please plan accordingly.


Q- Are cameras allowed?

A-     Yes! We encourage guests to take and share pictures. Cameras and gear will be subject to Security Forces inspection. Currently, there are no lens restrictions, but this can be subject to change. To share photos, use #OffuttAirshow on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Q-Are there other attractions around Omaha/Offutt to see while

A-     Omaha offers many attractions including the Strategic Air and Space Museum, located 20 minutes away in Ashland. For more info, see (Copy and Paste Link)


Q- Are you on social media?

A-     Yes! Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for show updates. We will also have a phone app that will notify you of any changes and provide information on our show.



Q- What will happen in the event of weather?

A-     If severe weather occurs and results in evacuation of the flightline, spectators will be ushered into covered shelters on base until a determination is made to continue/discontinue the show

Q- What items are PERMITTED? (all items subject to search):
Transparent water bottles
Personal Umbrellas
Lawn Chairs (may carry them in the then case they come in but will be asked to take it out for inspection upon entry) Small Purse Diaper/Breast Feeding Bags

Q- What items are PROHIBITED?
Weapons (including knives, razors, blades) are prohibited on federal installations Coolers Backpacks (including camelbak water sources) NO OUTSIDE ALCOHOL --beer and wine coolers will be available for purchase Skateboards/hover boards/roller blades Unmanned Aerial Systems Scissors