Every year we receive dozens of questions about the air show, but some of them come up more often than others and should be of interest to anyone planning to attend. Below are some of the more frequently asked questions and their answers, as well as information about what kind of security our guests can expect to see when they visit.

The increased security measures put into place by the Department of Defense, the FAA and law enforcement officials during the past few years are still in effect for all air shows, including the one at Offutt. Please remember, these security requirements are for your safety and are imposed upon all of us equally.

Air Force and local law enforcement officials will be in place at base entrances to enforce these rules. All individuals and vehicles entering the base are subject to search. The rules and their enforcement will not be final until the day of the air show when you actually enter the gates at Offutt AFB and pass through the security checkpoints.

Prohibited Items

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Is it safe to come to the air show?
What are the changes to air show security?
If I cannot bring something into the air show, can I go out to my car during the show?
Is there viewing space available for those with Special Needs?
Can I bring a fanny pack?
Can I bring a purse?
Can I bring my camera, video camera and cell phone?
Can I bring water, drinks and food?
Can I bring a folding chair?
Can parents bring a stroller, diaper bag, change of clothes, etc. for their children?

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