The amazing Kent Pietsch

JB3Kent Pietsch and his Interstate L-6 will be at the Offutt AFB air show this year.  Kent has been flying at air shows for over 40 years and flies a unique show that includes aerobatic stunts with an airplane that loses parts, an engine that quits and lands onto a runway mounted on a moving vehicle.

Having started out as an commercial aircraft pilot, Kent paid special attention to his passengers concerns and the various fears that they had in regards to flying.  He took these concerns to heart when he developed his air show acts.  He was determined to prove that the fears an aircraft might fall-apart or that an engine might quit won’t result in an aircraft falling out of the sky.  As such, his act includes tires and ailerons falling off his aircraft in flight.  Additionally, the engine shuts off at 6000 feet and he glides the plane safely to ground.  Lastly, using a move he perfected by practicing landing on a moving motor home, he puts the aircraft through its’ paces by taking off from and landing on moving vehicle to the delight of the crowd. 

Kent will be an extremely entertaining portion of this years Open House.  Come on out this July 30th and July 31st and join us to watch the Air Force Thunderbirds, the Navy F-18, Kent Pietsch and many others.

-Offutt AFB Open House Team (