Bike to the Air Show

The 2014 Defenders of Freedom Open House and Air Show brought two new features to the public that were well received. First, was the introduction of the Flight Deck (Flight Deck) allowing for attendees to experience the show in a comfortable, catered environment. Second, the Bike-n-Park program was introduced allowing Open House attendees to bike onto the base. Both the Flight Deck and the Bike-n-Park program will return this year with lessons learned from 2014 bringing improvements to already GREAT features.

In 2014, Open House guests were able to ride their bikes onto Offutt AFB. In conjunction with Omaha Bikes and Live Well Omaha, Offutt AFB strove to make biking to the Open House a pleasurable experience. Bikers were able to bike in through the STRATCOM gate near the intersection of Fort Crook Rd and Capehart road. Once on base, bikers ride past the B-17 ‘Homesick Angel’ before taking the road in front of STRATCOM. Parking their bikes at the entrance to the Open House, bikers will utilize a ‘Valet’ service. Dedicated volunteer bike parking attendants will issue a receipt for your bike, making drop off and pickup a breeze.

Partnering up with Omaha Bikes and Live Well Omaha again, we are increasing the number of bike racks available, improving the parking capacity dramatically. Additionally, the ‘Offutt Biking Club’ will be heading the valet service for the second time, ensuring the quality experience from the 2014 show is even better this year.

-Offutt AFB Open House Team (