14 Days To Go…

As we close in on Offutt’s first Open House since 2014, the intense planning and preparation is sure to result in the best Open House and Airshow ever!

As far as the Open House is concerned, this year we will bring back a host of fan favorites!  The 501st, the USAF Honor Guard Drill Team, RC Clubs, Science Demonstrations and a full-compliment of Military and Veteran support services will take part in the Open House.  As can be seen at the exhibitor link (Exhibitors), there are more exhibitors this year then ever before!

When it comes to the Airshow and the Aerobatics of our superb performers, this year is equally impressive.  Offutt Airshows have always drawn the best in the industry; this year we will play host to not just the best, but also the most ever hosted at an Offutt Airshow.  With four and half hours of Airshow and performances (Performers )that range from the unpowered glider and parachute acts to the high-performance jet teams, we have something for everyone.

The Aircraft won’t just be in the sky, we will have a massive amount of small and large aircraft packed into Offutt’s Open House (Statics).  Take a tour through at the Air Force’s mobility workhorse C-17, the Navy’s new P-8, or one of Offutt’s integral RJ jet’s to see first hand how we keep our nation safe.

And as an addition to the fun, download our newly created apps for both Apple and Android devices.  All throughout the Open House, notifications will be pushed out alerting users to the start of various activities.  Want to know when the Military Working Dog demo starts?  The Thunderbirds take to the air?  The Science Guys starts his act?  The Honor Guard starts their awesome performance?  The app will let you know!

-Offutt AFB Open House Team (OffuttAirShow.com)