An Airshow App!

For the first time at an Offutt Open House and Airshow there is an App for your smart phone.  Released JIT (Just In Time) for the Defenders of Freedom Open House, the App contains all of the information available on our website, plus a whole lot more.

Viewable on the App are lists of the various attractions that will be present at the Open House.  View a comprehensive list of the 14 different performers that will take to the air and wow the crowd with their bewildering aerobatics.  Find out which military aircraft, both past and present, will be available to view, touch, and tour with the growing list of statics.  Discover who amongst the 34+ different groups and agencies that will be exhibiting at this year’s Open House you’d like to visit and learn more about.

Do you like to plan every moment of your day?  Decide what lunch will look like before stepping on to our Open House grounds.  With 15 different food vendors serving a wide range of traditional and non-traditional Open House fare, there is something for everyone.

And how are you going to get to the Open House?  Follow the directions to our front gate for on base parking after our gates open up at 8:00 a.m., or click on one of the pins in the App to be taken to our off base shuttle-served parking lots at Bellevue East, Bellevue West, Bellevue University, or the Southroads Technology Center.  These shuttles are free to use start running at 8:45.  If you allow, the App will notify you when one of the lost fills up, this way you can redirect to a shuttle lot with space.

Speaking of notifications, Opt-In and the we will send you notifications for when the Thunderbirds take to the Air, the SAC Museum begins their science demonstrations, the Air Force Honor Guard team begins their ground game, and many more events.

Maps will show biker’s how to get to the Bike-N-Park lot, as well as guide visitors to their favorite locations on the Open House grounds.  And let’s not forget the kids!  See a list of the activities available for all day fun in the Kid’s Zone!

Last, but certainly not least, see who our Open House sponsors are.  These are the companies that make the Open House and Airshow a must-see event!  Thank you.

All of this in version 1!  Next year’s version is sure to include even more.



-Offutt AFB Open House Team (

14 Days To Go…

As we close in on Offutt’s first Open House since 2014, the intense planning and preparation is sure to result in the best Open House and Airshow ever!

As far as the Open House is concerned, this year we will bring back a host of fan favorites!  The 501st, the USAF Honor Guard Drill Team, RC Clubs, Science Demonstrations and a full-compliment of Military and Veteran support services will take part in the Open House.  As can be seen at the exhibitor link (Exhibitors), there are more exhibitors this year then ever before!

When it comes to the Airshow and the Aerobatics of our superb performers, this year is equally impressive.  Offutt Airshows have always drawn the best in the industry; this year we will play host to not just the best, but also the most ever hosted at an Offutt Airshow.  With four and half hours of Airshow and performances (Performers )that range from the unpowered glider and parachute acts to the high-performance jet teams, we have something for everyone.

The Aircraft won’t just be in the sky, we will have a massive amount of small and large aircraft packed into Offutt’s Open House (Statics).  Take a tour through at the Air Force’s mobility workhorse C-17, the Navy’s new P-8, or one of Offutt’s integral RJ jet’s to see first hand how we keep our nation safe.

And as an addition to the fun, download our newly created apps for both Apple and Android devices.  All throughout the Open House, notifications will be pushed out alerting users to the start of various activities.  Want to know when the Military Working Dog demo starts?  The Thunderbirds take to the air?  The Science Guys starts his act?  The Honor Guard starts their awesome performance?  The app will let you know!

-Offutt AFB Open House Team (

50 Days Until the Air Show

Celebrating 25 years Deployed, 50 years in Nebraska, 75 Years as a Wing!

Ready for a weekend full of high flying action and acrobatics? How about a chance to see several aircraft in the Air Force fleet? From Helicopters to fighters, passenger and cargo planes to Bombers and Gunships. We have a little of everything and more. The past and present will be represented and the best of the best will be on display for your viewing pleasure.

The excitement will not stop in the skies. On the ground there will also be plenty to see. From military vehicles and simulators, to robotics teams and pinewood derby races just to name a few. Multiple organizations have also come out to offer you a chance to be a part of their team. From the Boy scouts of America to the Tuskegee Airmen, there is a group represented for every generation. Even the younger Air Show goers will be entertained, with an all-out kid’s zone complete with bounce houses, face painting, and little Bubba Train just to name a few.

If you get hungry throughout the day, we have that covered. From BBQ to eggrolls, whatever you crave, our two food courts will have something for everyone. With 13 vendors on hand, our staff has managed to cover the globe of cuisines and beverages. Your sweet tooth will not go ignored either with funnel cakes, smoothies, caramel apples and more all available to you. How about an Icy with the choice of 70+ flavors? Pepsi products will also be on sale at all vendors! Want something a little more “adult” we have that too. If you bring your own water container we will keep it filled all day.

Transportation will not be a problem. We’ll pick you up in one of our 40 buses from any of our 4 off base locations. Dorm residents won’t be walking either, with bus services being provided from the Weather agency (557 WW) parking lot. If the weather is nice, and you don’t want to be cooped up in a car or bus, hop on your bike and take the trail right on to base.

All this would not be possible without the donations from our great sponsors. Local and National companies have all contributed to bring you one of the greatest shows of the year. Each will be present, so stop by and find out more about them.

This is the one summer event you do not want to miss. Bring the whole family, your folding chairs, and cameras, but leave the pets, weapons and big backpacks at home. One day or both days, we’ll see you there!

-Offutt AFB Open House Team (

The Lima Lima Flight Team

Lima LimaThe World’s Original Six Ship Civilian Formation Aerobatic Team!

The Lima Lima Flight Team started with one flying club. The Mentor Flyers, Inc. was organized as a non-profit corporation in 1975. It was chartered as a 15 member flying club, based at Naper Aero Club field, Outside of Naperville, Illinois. Naper Aero is a residential airpark, with over 100 homes connected to runways via taxiways behind the homes. In fact, the “Lima Lima” name was derived from the FAA designator for Naper Aero Club field, which is LL-10, hence the LL on the tails of our aircraft.

The Lima Lima Flight Team demonstration is flown with six airplanes, It includes several formation configurations, from the six ship wedge and double arrowhead, to the basic finger four and diamond formations. The team has developed a series of formation aerobatics maneuvers which demonstrate the full range of the T-34 performance envelope.

The flagship T-34 of their fleet is an early A model (serial number G-17, N34B). It was veteran of USAF and CAP use before being acquired by the Mentor Flyers. When the Mentor Flyers decided to buy a different T-34, N34B was sold to club members Ted Adams and Gene Martin. They soon decided that going from 15 partners to 2 partners was only a step along the way to individual ownership, and they bought another CAP veteran T-34 This surge of interest in T-34 flying coincided with a very active formation training and qualification program which was instituted by the national T-34 Association. The T-34 Association formation flying program encouraged local participation, which led to still more Mentors being acquired by club members, and still more club members being recruited. (Two of the additional Mentors formed the core of two more clubs.) Since formation flying is a uniquely military activity, the Lima Lima Mentors are painted in original Navy training colors. (The only exception to this is the black tail band, which has become the Lima Lima trademark.)

The military recognized different levels of formation skills, from basic tactical formation flying to Blue Angels and Thunderbirds demonstration team airshow flying. The Lima Lima Flight has evolved in the same way. The number of T-34’s available presented the opportunity for them to practice on a weekly basis, and to develop more sophisticated formation skills. This led to a growing core of demonstration pilots.

Above all, the Lima Lima Flight Team stresses precision formation flying, and keeping the team in front of an airshow crowd during all of it’s maneuvers, from take-off to landing. Lima Lima has performed in airshows from coast to coast and border to border, thrilling more than 100 million spectators with the beauty and grace of their precision performances.

-Offutt AFB Open House Team (

Vader’s Fist – 501st Legion

Popular in 2014 and sure to be even more popular this year, the Offutt Open House team is pleased to announce that the 501st Legion’s Central Garrison will be attending both days of the 206 Defenders of Freedom Open House and Air Show.

The 501st Legion (501st Legion) is the world’s definitive imperial costuming organization.  Dedicated to promoting interest in Star Wars through the use of costumes, the 501st fundraises for various charities.  The 501st is composed of a number of outposts, garrisons, detachments, and squads, with members throughout much of the planet.  Nebraska is represented by the Central Garrison (Central Garrison) and they will bring a sizable team with them this year.

Join us July 30th and 31st to see Darth Vader, a clan of new Mandalorians, and the rest of the Central Garrison.

-Offutt AFB Open House Team (